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While Gabi's athletic background includes competitive rowing, road cycling, and cross-country skiing, she is not 'naturally skinny'. As a result, she understands how challenging the journey to your dream physique can be at times; how much work, both physical and mental, is involved in creating the healthy, lean and strong body you've always wanted, and, importantly, what's involved in maintaining it.

Having worked with women and men of all ages (young athletes, busy CEO's, senior citizens), Gabi now uses her extensive experience, gained working in both commercial and private gyms, to deliver bespoke personal training sessions for clients across Central London. With her qualifications in pregnancy/postnatal fitness, these programs also cater for the unique needs of expectant and new Mums. Work out at the privacy of your home, your gym, local park or garden square.

Expect training sessions that are challenging yet achievable, varied and fun, and always
goal-orientated. Drawing on techniques from a multitude of disciplines such as strength conditioning, metabolic training, HIIT, Pilates, yoga, suspension system work or simply using bodyweight to create resistance, the end result is an effective workout designed to address all components of fitness.

Gabi dedicates her efforts to helping you not only look your best, but also feel your best.
She believes in a holistic approach to health and fitness that encompasses exercise, nutrition, supplementation, adequate recovery, stress reduction, keeping your hormones in check and cultivating positive thinking as well as making the mind your most powerful tool yet.

Gabi is the founder of Ultimate Body Design and her mission is simple: to inspire her passion for health, fitness and well-being in others.
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Premier Training International Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage
YMCA Exercise in Pregnancy
Modern Pregnancy Exercise
(Burrell Education)
Modern Post Natal Assessment and Exercise Prescription (Burrell Education)
Scientific Core Conditioning (Paul Chek)
Scientific Back Training (Paul Chek)
Program Design (Paul Chek)
Biosignature Practitioner L1 (Charles Poliquin)
Kettlebel workshop
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