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It’s also a time when mums often pay more attention to the baby than they do to looking after themselves. Doing the latter can actually help deal with the challenges more effectively and add the energy you need to enjoy this time with your new arrival.

Understanding what exercises are suitable for the immediate postpartum period (0-6 weeks) is the first step. For example, at this time you might want to focus on things like pelvic floor exercises, pelvic tilts, deep abdominal muscle contractions, or simply going for a walk with your baby.

Exercise can typically commence following the 6-week postnatal check if you had a normal delivery. Complicated deliveries, like those that require a C-section, may result in a longer recovery period. It’s therefore key to be given the all-clear by your GP/healthcare practitioner before getting back into a full exercise program.

What are the benefits of exercise for new Mum?
• reconnecting with your core / pelvic floor
• flattening your tummy
• promoting postnatal fat loss
• strengthening and firming up your body post pregnancy
• re-establishing optimal posture
• helps to alleviate aches and pains
• raises energy levels and improves sense of well-being
• helps to prevent postpartum depression

What are the key components of postnatal exercise program?
• thorough screening, goal setting, monitoring and adjusting
• functional training that includes strengthening of all major muscle groups
• pelvic floor conditioning- core conditioning- focus on lumbopelvic stability
• postural assessment & posture awareness
• optimum nutrition for pregnancy
• strict adherence to the medical guidelines-
• referral network The Pregnancy / Post Natal Exercise Specialist is fully qualified and experienced to provide and deliver bespoke pregnancy programs that are effective, enjoyable and, most of all, safe for mum and baby.

New motherhood is a very exciting time, but also challenging and demanding. Taking care of a new baby combined with sleepless nights, recovering from childbirth and juggling family commitments requires mental and physical stamina.
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