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I have been training with Gabi for over 3 years, pre and post pregnancy. Gabi has always gone above and beyond the requirements of a trainer, thinking first and foremost of my needs as a client. She has pushed me harder than I would ever have worked alone and knows exactly what I need to achieve the best results. I have tried various forms of workout over the years but Gabi is by far the most effective and challenging. Sessions are hard work but also fun and in 3 years I have never done the same workout.

Gabi is always coming up with new ways to push you and to help you reach your goals, accommodating for any injuries along the way. More importantly, Gabi takes the time to understand you as a person helping with motivational emails, diet suggestions and nutritional advice outside of sessions, which have been invaluable.

Gabi started off as my trainer but is now my nutritionist, physio, medical council and friend. I can (very happily) say that I have never felt better about my appearance.

Amy Collett


I have been working with Gabi every week twice a week for close to 6 years. The results have been beyond satisfying. My fitness and energy levels have considerably improved and I have lost weight. Gabi is very attentive to her clients' needs and has designed a program for me that has allowed me to make steady progress and never get bored. She is incredibly professional, reliable, caring and fun to work with. She has allowed me to push my limits and enjoy exercise like I never had before.

Isabelle Georgeaux (Healy)


I have been training with Gabi now for over 2 years and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is an excellent trainer, very motivating and brings a new programme of tough but achievable exercises every week, tailoring it to suit my fitness goals. I first started 4 months after having my first child in order to get back in shape and lose the baby weight. I would bring my baby along to the park and he would snooze in his buggy hrough the session. If he woke, Gabi was always happy to hold him while I lunged across the common!

Having not exercised during my pregnancy I found it tough but with Gabi's help to push me to work hard and change my diet, I achieved my weight and fitness goals. I then fell pregnant with twins and again Gabi was there to help me back into exercising. I am slimmer and fitter now after having 3 bchildren than I was before and my weekly PT with Gabi keeps me focussed and is a welcome break from the kiddie chaos at home!

Kate Watson (Nee Abel)

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Gabi was my trainer for about 10 months. When I started with her I was about 3 months pregnant. I worked out with Gabi from then, through the beginning of my post-natal training before moving abroad.

Throughout the pregnancy, Gabi was able to adjust my workouts such that I was always working to my maximum ability while maintaining an awareness of the changes my body was going through. She was also able to keep the workouts interesting, which at 8 months pregnant can be difficult. As a result, I was able to maintain a high level of fitness throughout the pregnancy.

Post pregnancy, Gabi helped me start the process of getting back in shape. I wish we hadn’t moved so soon after having the baby, because the results I was seeing in such a short period of time (3 months) were amazing! My body was regaining its shape and even making some positive changes as a result of the training programme Gabi developed.

I felt that Gabi truly understood the type of exercise my body needed and was able to develop an interesting and challenging way for me to achieve my goals.

Interestingly, when we moved to New York and I started the process of finding a new trainer (at one of the premier gyms in New York), not only was my new trainer impressed, but the training manager was also extremely impressed with the workouts Gabi developed for me. They had never seen that style of training, and were eager to hear more. To me, that is such a testament to the level at which Gabi trains.

I highly recommend training with Gabi. Whether you are pregnant or simply trying to get in shape, Gabi can get you there, while keeping it fun and interesting.

With kind regards

Alex Price


I cannot recommend Gabi enough as a personal trainer. She has been training myself and my husband since Februaru 2009, and her patience, skill and understanding have helped me lose weight and feel much healthier. She has also continued to train my through my two pregnancies, providing a tailored programme to keep me in excellent shape both pre and post natally. Gabi tailors each session to our needs, and is flexible enough to allow us to train with our little boy too. Gabi is always passionate about our efforts and I really look forward to training with Gabi and after so many years of working together we are now good friends.

Sarah-Jane Ross


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