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From conception, subtle physiological changes driven by pregnancy hormones begin to occur.
This includes gradual loosening of ligaments and joints, increased resting heart rate and blood volume, and the development of the placenta, to name just a few.

As the baby grows and each new trimester arrives the changes become more obvious. The woman's centre of gravity shifts, as does her posture, the abdominal muscles separate and widen, and there's the baby weight gain.

Pregnancy fitness is all about maintaining health and vitality, re-energising, and promoting a sense of well-being of the mum-to-be. An exercise program can commence following the 12-week prenatal check with the consent of your GP/healthcare provider.


What are the benefits of exercise during pregnancy?
• prepares you for labour, childbirth and the demands of new motherhood
• strengthens your core / pelvic floor
• boosts energy levels and reduces stress
• improves your self-image- controls baby-weight gain
• lifts your spirits
• helps to ease typical pregnancy complaints (lower back pain, fatigue, varicose veins etc.)
• reduces the risk of some illnesses (pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes)
• speeds up postnatal recovery and getting your body back after childbirth

What are the key components of pregnancy exercise program?
• thorough screening, goal setting, monitoring and adjusting
• functional training that includes strengthening of all major muscle groups
• pelvic floor conditioning- core conditioning- focus on lumbopelvic stability
• postural assessment & posture awareness
• optimum nutrition for pregnancy
• strict adherence to the medical guidelines-
• referral network The Pregnancy / Post Natal Exercise Specialist is fully qualified and experienced to provide and deliver bespoke pregnancy programs that are effective, enjoyable
and, most of all, safe for mum and baby.

Expecting a baby is a very special time in woman's life, and each and every pregnancy is different. The female body undergoes many changes to allow for a new life to be born.
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